about us

Wild Africa Cream is a cream liqueur crafted by one of Africa’s finest distillers. The liqueur is the embodiment of Elegance Untamed – sophisticated and refined, yet bold and wild of spirit.

Wild Africa Cream tells a story. One that starts deep in the vast and wild bush. Here lives a creature, mysterious and regal. Its untamed spirit roams freely, with sleek, sure-footed strides of purpose and grace. Wild Africa Cream embodies its Untamed Elegance.

Inspired by the vast diversity of Africa and rooted in culture, Wild Africa Cream unites the urban with the natural and awakens self-expression with every sip.

Indulge in the rich creamy caramel taste of Wild Africa Cream. It’s the perfect pre-drinks companion and the ultimate afterparty luxury. It’s the drink that adds that little something extra to your night out, before and after. Choose #EleganceUntamed.